Sunday, September 7, 2008

ഹൈഡ് ആക്ട്


സിമി said...

:) നന്നായി. ഒരു രാഷ്ട്രീയ വീക്ഷണമാണെങ്കിലും.

JM Pbvr said...

Your creativity is really great.
However, I don't think Manmohan and India won't be the mutton chaps here. You know, 'USA requested not to ignore US companies for the nuclear businesses'. Means, now we have NSG approval and US fears that India might go for Russia, France etc for the actual N-Business deals.

Our leftist guys are simply working for China. (Like some of our Muslim friends does Hurray when Pak wins against India). Thats religious terrorism, but Leftist now doing political terrorism on this topic. See China is going to enter in to a N-deal with Pakistan while they boycotted from NSG meeting. These Chinese never thought that we wouldn't even come near to NSG meeting and seeing that they swallowed all their double standrard 'support' they told earlier.

I wasn't criticising your cartoon. But some of (sadly, most of) our fellow keralites are not able to think anything. We are creating now mess in Kerala for anything and everything. I worked in the Mid East for some years before flew to west. You should see our fellow bretheren suffering there while the same communist guy when come back to Kerala do nothing other than Bandh, Harthal, Goondaism.

Again, I am proud to be Indian and happy that am a Keralite. Simply not trying to throw crap on my own fellow guys there. I am working on a temp visa to earn some thing. When come back (planning), as all other NRI's I too wanted to see something good going on there.

I think people like you and me who think out of the box and got 'talent to think' should communicate this with whatever option we have. And thats why I wrote this.

Hey, long story. Fullstopped.

NRI Keralite

paarppidam said...

ee aadinu nannaayi ariyaam maashe aanavavaanibhavum athinte laabhavum.....aanvakaraarine sarikkum manasilaakkaathe anukoolikkunna mandhabhudhikalkkaanu ariyaathathu.....

jm pbvr said...

Good to know ur views.
I will tell you one true story happened 3-4 years back.

I was working in Gulf. Came for a leave and with 3 of my friends, I went to Hotel Abad Plaza, Cochin for dinner as it was a friends reunion.

It was about 8 to 8:30 PM. We went for buffe and live music. Some guy was singing old malayalam and some hindi songs. In another 15 minutes, we found 2 guys came in and sat next to our table with 3 more guys who looked north indians. Those north indians were wearing suit and coat and seemed to big MNC executives. The fun is we all had food and one of the kerala guys out of them was the party secretery of our state. Like us, they too had great star hotel dinner.

We just came down to see how they are warapping up their day. We found 2 Mercedez "S" class benz came and our 5 guys split to 2 groups and left as convoy.

The next day, I saw the paper and this secretery had some press stuff from Thrissue Viyyur jail. Those prisoners who were moved from Cannore to TSR viyyur, he addressed them and preached lot of socialism and revolutionism there. He is Mr. Vijayan. I am telling the truth. Believe it or not is upto you.

I have no problem man with this event. I am not saying that I was intimidated by this.

The problem is, I went back to Gulf. I went to my coffee shop which is run by super red volunteer budhi jeevi. When we had contemporary politics discussion, I told him that I saw your great guy and his works and detailed it.

You know how this guy responded. He told me that he wouldn't worry to kill me if I say anything about Mr.Vijayan and that I was lieing. We were good friends as I used to have food from their shop and I moreover like guys from N.Keralalites than S.Keralites for some specific reasons .

He was so furious and was boiling. Just for telling him a true experience I had a week before. He reads lot of party books, papers and thinks that he is a budhi jeevi and calls others Mandhabuddhi.

So you can call others mandha budhi and think that you are budhi jeevi and blindly beleive and act per ur masters order. Oh good grief.

Now heard that Govt is going to sign nuclear deal with France. So is that also a vanibham?

krish | കൃഷ് said...

Nice cartoon.

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