Sunday, October 25, 2009

ഇന്ത്യാ ചൈന ഭായി ഭായി?


കണ്ണനുണ്ണി said...

ചൈനക്കൊക്കെ എന്തും ആവാല്ലോ..

കെ.പി.സുകുമാരന്‍ said...

1962 ലും ഭായി ഭായി, ഇന്നും ഭായി ഭായി, നാളെയും ഭായി ഭായി?

കുതിരവട്ടന്‍ :: kuthiravattan said...

അതെയതെ, ചൈനീസ് സാധനങ്ങള്‍‌‌ക്ക് ഭയങ്കര വിലക്കുറവാണ്. അണകെട്ടുന്നില്ല, ഒഴുക്ക് കുറക്കുന്നേയുള്ളൂ എന്നും കേട്ടു.

JM PBVR said...

I wish all those stupid blind communist guys there who got allegiance to China should be sent there.

What a shame!!! 100% literacy Kerala got such China Bhai's. Holy Crap!! Sent them to China or Uganda IF their BHAI's are willing to accept them.

You fool communist, understand one thing first. It's "equitable" wealth distribution and not "equal" distribution your Father Marx told. Go check what "equitable" means. Still talking for the ruthless your Bhai by sitting in India. Go hang yourself you shameless creatures.

Equitable=Implying justice dictated by reason, conscience, and a natural sense of what is fair to all.

What does that mean? If there is 100Rs which is shared among 10 people is not equitable. That's not right according to your Marx God. May be 9 out of them can live with 2 Rs each for a month. 1 Guy may be able to make 10 jobs which pays 3 bucks for each and might be in need of 80RS in capital.

I guess you still won't understand as ur brain is rented for the stupid politician whom you serve.

I have no hate towards you but angry to see that you guys still talk for our Nation's rival and that too when they do rubbish and act rubbish. I feel pity for you Mr. Budhijeevi.